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Crack in back of neck after truss adjustment

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:05 pm
by Ken Parker
The problem:
I have a Parker fly which has developed a crack on the back of the neck following a small truss adjustment.

I never saw this kind of damage before, but I wouldn’t be too concerned aside from cosmetics.

The back of the neck is covered with carbon fibers, epoxy resin, and a .010” thick layer of woven fiberglass cloth.

The .005” layer of carbon fibers are aligned with the strings along the neck, but the glass is “bias cut” meaning that the fibers cross the back of the neck and body diagonally.

In composite fiber orientation speak, we say the carbon is 0 degrees, and the glass is + and - 45 degrees.

It seems very unlikely that these glass fibers have burst, they likely moved just enough to stress out and burst the paint, which doesn’t have much elasticity, or “give”.

Best bet is to locate a killer repair tech, and let him or her at it. If the paint adhesion is good, it should be a quickie with cyanoacrylate.