FYI no piezo sound easiest cure

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FYI no piezo sound easiest cure

Post by tronathan »

Had to share this: after picking up my fly for the first time in a couple months, no piezo. Had a switch problem before that I fixed, so trouble-shot all the known things (thanks to this wonderful site) but no solution. Googled buying a new power chip and planned to do some practice soldering before working on my baby. Then as I took one last run through and used a 3rd patch cord I noticed that something weird must have happened to my amp input where the jack was a bit harder to push in. Relief! Cable needed an extra little push to be properly seated in the input for the piezo to transmit. I remember the way the stereo cables work to split the signal, so it makes sense (a real tech can prob explain more clearly than I)

sort of missed the first question "is it plugged in?"

Guessing the powerchip may some day give up on me with our salty coastal air. I'll keep her in the box most of the time, but we're good for now. Phew.
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Re: FYI no piezo sound easiest cure

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Thanks for sharing, @tronathan. You're right to point out that, unless you're being more circuit-minded concerning how the piezo power switching works, the other end of the cable's plug shield failing to connect to ground at the input jack of the next piece in the signal chain (necessary to complete the "power-on" circuit) could easily have any of us looking for gremlins in the guitar. Given people tend to only discuss Parkers in troubleshooting or repair contexts, it's natural that our attention would first turn to these troublemakin' Parker guitars.

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