Current Market Value of a FB-4

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Current Market Value of a FB-4

Post by Fly Rod »

My Son has been looking at a USED Parker Fly Bass FB-4 at the Local Guitar Shop...
We have even thought of doing a few trades & paying the difference.
Bad Part They want $3800 for the slick little bass.

I could find a nice Alembic for that kind of money.

Found out some information about the serial # here on The Fly Clone, Thank You Very Much BTW..

I assume it has a six-digit serial # but for sure it has a carbon fiber coated neck, Made by Washburn.

My Son has a new Ibanez Workshop EHB 1000S + a Ibanez Sound Gear SR300 + Jackson JPB-7 Namm Show #7 Bass & a Steinberger XP-2 Bass + about 30+ guitars or more, lost count on those guitars.

We will go by and play it again, maybe tomorrow?? Who Knows & check on that Night Fly Neck for a member here as well... I won't forget...

My Son thinks this MIGHT BE the best Bass Guitar He has ever played YET! Lightweight & has a neck profile & width closer to a guitar than a bass.

%$@* Should have bought him that Alembic Spoiler for $800 a few years back, the pickups were worth that BTW...
Fly Bass FB-4.jpg
Fly Bass FB-4 Headstock Rear.jpg
I blew this photo UP & see 092090 USA = Refined Fly Bass made by Washburn In Illinois
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Re: Current Market Value of a FB-4

Post by syncopa »

^^^ ^^^ ^^^

"I blew this photo UP & see 092090 USA = Refined Fly Bass made by Washburn In Illinois"

Can anyone confirm that FB-4's were "BUILT" in Illinois? The way I heard it is they were "fire sales" from MA? Any confirmation?
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Re: Current Market Value of a FB-4

Post by vjmanzo »

There were some FB-4s sold by USM, and I can confirm that at least one dated 2006 (not mine though). Ken has described the process for building a Fly Bass, which required a press among other things—I would not be surprised if the FB-4 basses sold by USM were all finished in Illinois but made in Wilmington…but I can’t confirm that though I can confirm that the first few years of USM-era Flys (2004-2005+) were made in Wilmington and finished in Illinois. The introduction of that other Fly bass in 2006 leads me to believe that the FB4s sold by USM were made in Wilmington.
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