Two albums recorded with a couple Parkers

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Two albums recorded with a couple Parkers

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In the interest of spreading "these guitars are meant to be played" (even if you aren't a virtuoso), and despite that I'm kind of allergic to self-promotion, here are a couple albums I recorded with my V1 Nitefly and Hornet (aka P41?) bass as primary instruments. Aside from a smattering of acoustic, all the guitar you hear is the Nitefly in this thread (some before the mods shown there) and all the bass is the Hornet. There are some un-guitar-like sounds made with the Nitefly and an E-bow, or DAW plugins, as well.

Immune to Consequences — OK, I just released this about a month ago, and it's a weird one. It's about a made up team in a surrealist sports simulator called Blaseball [sic]. Features of the simulator included weather such as "Reverb" and "Birds" and players being randomly incinerated by rogue umpires. Something about the minimalist presentation ("players" are nothing more than their names and their stats) encouraged people's imaginations to run wild, mine among them. "Winnie Hess" is pretty guitar-forward.

About Faces — a more conventional album in subject matter, about my feelings and stuff. I reiterate that I'm no virtuoso but I'm pretty pleased with the guitar work in "The Ice World" and how the chord progression plays against the high-pitched stuff with the delay.
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Re: Two albums recorded with a couple Parkers

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@valrus, I somehow missed this thread the first time around. Your (seemingly) John Darnielle-influenced vocals are very fitting for the music. I of course intend that as a compliment.
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