Bridge meeting wood

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Bridge meeting wood

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When using the vibrato arm on my Fly Artist, the bridge will eventually touch the body of the guitar on the treble side. A dive bomb is not entirely possible and will damage the body. This does not happen at all on my three other Flys. When I first got this guitar, the issue was much worse, because of a very bad set-up. Since then I have changed the spring, worked a lot on the set-up etc. It is much better now, but the problem is not entirely gone. The treble bridge post can seem to have a very slight lean (I read the "leaning post thread), but not very much. See attached picture.

It helps to raise the bridge post a lot, but then the action will not be correct. The bridge posts on my Deluxe seems to sit much higher compared to the body, but there the action is good and no problems with the bridge hitting anything, no matter how I set it up.

Any ideas on how to approach this?
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Re: Bridge meeting wood

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Just to be clear, is the bridge “level” (i.e., no change in pitch when changing step-stop modes, and minimal pull-back room with the step-stop block engaged)? On the rear of the guitar, are both bridge height adjustment posts sunk equal amounts into the body (backplate has to be off to confirm)?
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