About the Fly fingerboard

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About the Fly fingerboard

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How thick is the carbon composite of the fretboard?
The fingerboard is .05 mm thick sandwich of glass and carbon fibers that is laminated in a heated press with a high temperature curing epoxy resin that bonds the two layers together.

Next, the frets are glued on and trimmed to length before the fingerboard is attached to the neck.

The top surface, or playing surface is a .25 mm layer of woven glass cloth, and below that is a .25 mm layer of non - woven unidirectional carbon fibers.

To bond the fretted fingerboard to the wooden neck core, another .25 mm layer of fiberglass, impregnated with a lower temperature curing epoxy is used.

The finished fingerboard then measures .75 mm when installed.

I hope I’ve explained this clearly.
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