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Re: Not a Parker

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So, how DID the Majesty work out? Enquiring minds want to know...

My guess is it totally fit the bill, you've sold the Ibby, and are posting on the EBMM site regularly...
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Re: Not a Parker

Post by Musikron »

Well, had some life things come up, and had to cancel the order for that Enchanted Forest Majesty before it even shipped.
Fast forward a few months, things have settled back down, but no 7 string Parkers have come up for sale.
I was however in need of a pack of strings "right now" one day and stopped at a guitar center while on the road. In their "platinum vault" they had a red 7 string Majesty for a ridiculously high price, so I asked to see it, sat down and spent the next hour giving her what for.
My initial thought was very favorable. Right away the neck felt very comfortable and familiar. The guitar was fairly light weight (not quite Parker light, but better than my Ibby) but more importantly, balanced very well (which my Ibanez does NOT, it's great sitting, but when you stand you have to fight to keep the neck in playing position, basically holding it in place the whole time). Upper fret access might even actually be better than Parkers, though I have no issues with it on my Parker. The fretwork was perfect, well rounded fret ends, fingerboard edge nicely softened (another area where honestly it beat the Parker out. If I could change one thing about my Parker, it would be a slightly softer radius on the edge of the fingerboard). The guitar played very well, snappy and vibrant. Not quite as "alive" as my Parker, but not far off. New strings and a proper setup who knows what would happen?
The trem is a two point floating, with traditional springs and a claw. Totally traditional compared to the Parker trem, but I found their feel and range overall very similar. It flutters and bottoms out, so I'm good! Can't comment on tuning stability, but I abuse the hell out of my trem on the Parker, and basically never have to tune that guitar but maybe three times per set of strings. I did find it to be a rather noisy bridge acoustically, both from the springs, and the bridge cover. How much of that can be mitigated remains to be seen.
The piezo sounded great, and the switching was indeed silent and instantaneous. The electronics in this guitar are proprietary and expensive, which is one of my major gripes about it, hence my not learning my lesson comment earlier in the thread.
Still, I've been on the hunt a long time now, played all sorts of high end guitfiddles, and VJ was right, the closest thing your gonna get available today is an EBMM Majesty. It's not the same as the Parker, but it's definitely not worse, just different. There are some aspects that are VERY Parkeresque, and I could even imagine someone referencing a Fly when they were designing this thing.
I left, and went back a month or so later and played it again, same impressions still held up, the wife liked it, and still no Parkers up for grabs.
So I've added Majesties to my daily reverb and eBay searches, and a Purple Monarchy Majesty 7 popped up on Reverb for an "affordable" price. I didn't hesitate, paid for the damn thing and it should be here Thursday.
Now watch a nice 7 string Parker become available next week... Lol
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