Blocking the Bridge of a Fly

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Blocking the Bridge of a Fly

Post by vjmanzo »

Hey everyone,

In case anyone has similar interests in doing this, I got around to blocking the bridge of two of my Flys:
It's an easy swap for the spring; just looses the wheel, pop the spring, and put this in. Here are the dimensions of the wood block:
And, if you're not handy with wood, here's a Reverb luthier, John Guilford, who can make the pieces for you.

And if you want to plug the hole in your vibrato arm bushing (so you don't forget you did it and accidentally try to use the vibrato arm!), these 3/16" Black Hole Plugs from Widget Co. fit nicely in the round arm bushing, and decently (with a little angled-smushing) in a hex arm bushing:
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