The Fly Leaning Bridge Posts Issue

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Re: The Fly Leaning Bridge Posts Issue

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Noodler wrote: Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:11 pm
Terry Atkins may not have been the original innovator and design genius that is Ken Parker, but that man had a level of passion and dedication to trying to make Parker guitars remain viable as a company and keep it alive. He worked tirelessly (and ridiculous hours) week after week, month after month, trying to solve so many of the challenges to make that "$10,000" guitar profitable. Some may not agree with all of those changes, but Terry's heart was always in it. Much respect to that man for what he did to try to save the brand...

Very much agree- he did a lot to keep the brand going and unfortunately the rest of usm management wasn’t that supportive. Great guy.

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Re: The Fly Leaning Bridge Posts Issue

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I've had a few Ideas for tightening up the slop or play in the bridge posts to the adjustment posts
On mine there is a crack that's really not too bad in the wood but will fil that with Superglue or epoxy before putting the posts & bushings in after the top rout
The play in the bushings I think can be made up with that Copper foil shielding tape to be make a perfect fit
These guitars are super nice & worth the time to make the trem adjustments perfect

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