New to Parkers or to this Forum?? READ THIS FIRST

General FAQs, manuals, catalogs, schematics, serials, & guides
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New to Parkers or to this Forum?? READ THIS FIRST

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Welcome to the Fly Clone Project, a site dedicated to preserving information about the Parker Fly and other Parker Guitars. For more info on the Fly Clone Project, click here; we are a research effort of the Electric Guitar Innovation Lab.

Where to Start
Nearly everything you need to know about setting up, maintaining, and operating your Fly guitar can be found in the manual here. The best way to learn about the different Parker Guitars models is to read through the catalogs here. As a member of this forum, you are encouraged to post issues and questions, but remember, first, to RTFM (Read The Fly Manual)!

Popular troubleshooting threads are listed at the bottom of this post!

Different Fly Models
The differences between Fly models can be found by comparing the wood types here and by reviewing the first 5 or 6+ catalogs here. If you want to get a sense of what different Flys sound like and "what was available when", read this post.

Wiring guides and electronics information beyond what is covered in the manual can be found here.

Vibrato Bridge/What Does that Wheel Do?
For additional questions about setting up your vibrato, or, if you just want to know what the deal is with that wheel going through the Fly, see here.

Pickup Options
If you want to know about pickup options for the Fly, see here.

Serial Numbers
If you have questions about serial numbers, see here.

History of Parker Guitars
Ken Parker created and oversaw production of all models of the Fly, NiteFly, and Fly Bass (FB-4/FB-5) from 1993-2004. Ken also oversaw production of the P-Series guitars between 2001-2004, which were manufactured by Cort Guitars in Seoul, South Korea.

All other models were developed by U.S. Music Corp (2004-2015) including the PM and extended P Series instruments, the DF/PDF/Maxxfly series instruments, and all acoustic instruments. If you would like to know more about the history of Parker Guitars and changes of Fly guitars over the years, see here.
Note: the History post contains a lot of information, but reading it will answer many questions you may have about Parker Guitars and the various components used in the Fly.

Valuing and Selling your Instrument
If you want to know how much your Parker Guitar is worth, original list prices can be found here. Most Flys sold new for around $3,000 USD depending on the model, and, as of 2015, Flys are no longer being made. and other used markets provide average sale figures for used Flys sold.

Buying a used Fly
If you are looking to buy a used Fly in good condition, budget between $1700 - $2500 depending on availability and condition; if you are willing to wait a month or two, and you keep an eye out for Flys on used market sites, you will very likely find a good-condition Fly in that price range (this sentence last updated 7/2021).
Here is a post outlining some things to inspect/check when buying a Fly.

If you would like to sell your Parker Guitar privately on this forum, see the Classifieds section here.

Does Ken have any old Flys/prototypes to sell??
Ken Parker does not have any new old stock, used, or prototype Flys, NiteFlys, Fly Basses available for sale, nor does/will he make one. He occasionally contributes information to his own section on this site here, but, as of 2003, has moved on from the Fly and is, now, making innovative archtop guitars.

What’s Not Covered in the Manual
Here are some important things about Flys that are not covered in the manual.

Sharon at Shazrock Paint worked at Parker Guitars with Ken in Wilmington and under USM in Mundelein; we recommend that you call her for all inquiries related to your Fly’s finish.

Join us!
Having said all that, please consider introducing yourself here!

How to Post
In the appropriate subforum, log in and click the "New Topic" icon. You can apply markup tags to any text you enter by highlighting it and selecting one of the quick markup code icons from the menu:
This allows you to quick "mention" other forum members, link to the manuals or catalogs, enter hyperlinks, apply bold or italic styling and so on.

To attach and insert images while posting, click the "Attachments" tab, click "Add files" to select an image, and, after it uploads, click "Place inline" where you want it to appear in the post:
Quick URLs for Reference:
We have several tiny URLs for ease of sharing common information: - all catalogs - all manuals - serial number info - wiring guides - Fly pickup options - all Fly parts - a brief history

Popular Troubleshooting Threads - Fly Clone Hot Topics
In addition to the advice contributed by the man himself in Ken’s Corner, here are some highlighted threads that may be helpful for troubleshooting common issues:

-Switch pin arrangement
-Bad piezo saddle
-Replacing switch; mag/piezo bleed
-Piezo not working
-Dead Pickup
-Crosstalk/noise through pickups

Setup-related Info
-Common questions about setups
-Setting action
-Nut slots cut too deep
-Fixing a broken or stuck truss rod
-String gauges and balancing tension
-Intonation issues
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