Parker Custom Shop Restoration

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Parker Custom Shop Restoration

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Hi there,

I have a Parker Custom Shop from the factory that I'm restoring, and I'd need some help. First some details, I've only ever seen 1 other guitar like this in this video -

In this video Paul mentions that there is another one, so I either have the 2nd one or a mysterious 3rd one.

I have all the parts including nut and bridge but I don't have the screws/inserts for the bridge, which is a major setback as I cannot get in touch with Mac-it the company that makes the grub screws. I'm from the UK so assume I just go straight to their spam folder. Help tracking down these screws would be a great help.

For the restoration I've been spraying a few coats of lacquer over the top whole guitar to help fill out the low spots and get it to a stage where I can finish it. I will also be making a plug for the pickup cavity as it's in rough shape.


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