PM-20 Pickup Change

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PM-20 Pickup Change

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Well, I did some digging in the Internet Wayback Machine and I was happy to find and retrieve my post on the old Parker Forum!
If you're wanting to swap out the original Stingers this should help:
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:50:29 PM »
I have a 2005 red Bubinga model which I love. It's one of the most comfortable playing guitars I own, if not the most comfortable.

And while it sounds good, I always had the feeling that it could sound even better, ya know? Considering that the Pro version is equipped with Seymour Duncan's and a bunch of hardware enhancements, well, I had to have a go at messing with my good thing!

I haven't bothered to change any hardware (yet) and I may not, but I did decide on a pair of GFS Fat Pat's, since I'm not independently wealthy, and Mr. Duncan is rich enough. :D ... _c_66.html

I kinda went 'round the bend on the wiring but finally ended up believing GFS when they said you could use Seymour Duncan wiring codes. That was all good except the Parker Stingers were differently coded and that confused hell out of me for the longest time.

In essence you swap the green/white on the Stingers for the red/white on the GFS.

Long story short, I used this diagram (even though it's 2V , 2T and my Parker is 1V,1T it gave me the direction needed)
[see below]
and I'm pleased to report that it works just fine. And the Fat Pats are fantastic! Never had a bad GFS product so far.

The only installation problem is the one most are already aware of: the mounting tabs are standard rectangles and the pickup recess in the PM20 is routed for the pointed Parker Stingers. That was quickly solved in 15 minutes with a Dremel grinding the corners off.

For comparison, the outgoing Stingers measured 7.7/13.7, the incoming Fat Pats are 9.5/13.7.
Pretty close...on paper, but the tonal range is much fuller and louder!

This is the original SD schematic that I used:

And here is the current redesigned (neater) version showing 1V, 1T:
wiring schematic NEW VER 2H_1VppS_1TppS_3T.pdf
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