SOLD For Sale: Fly Classic 1998 Transparent Green

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SOLD For Sale: Fly Classic 1998 Transparent Green

Post by vjmanzo »

I am selling this 1998 Parker Fly Classic for a friend. The guitar is in excellent working condition, and plays great without any issues other than cosmetic issues. The "pre-refined" Fly guitar has a great transparent green sparkle finish that changes color in different light from a sea blue, to a darker green, and transition colors in between. The sparkle aspect is consistent with other Fly finishes. I’ve taken many photos in different light and from different angles to try to demonstrate the various shades, which, in my opinion, is really quite nice. As an added bonus, please enjoy seeing my reflection in these photos, which was nearly unavoidable :)

Additional Photos beyond the ones below are available here.

Of special note is the gold colored fret markers, serial number, logos, and, somewhat uncommon “Classic” headstock logo.

The guitar has some notable cosmetic issues in the form of scratches and cracks; the most obvious are a crack in the finish and, from what I can tell, slightly into the wood, near the controls on the front of the guitar, and a scratch on the back of the guitar near the backplate.

All of the electronics work just fine.

Frets are great. Fretboard is great. No lifting or other weirdnesses.

Vibrato system is also great. It is currently set up with low action with D’Addario 9s with a 9 spring set at the second ridge in the three-ridge spring plate in the vibrato cavity. I have adjusted the tension wheel so that it properly floats when switching the step-stop up between “down only” mode and “floating” mode. I adjusted the truss system slightly while setting up the action, which, again, is low, and I can confirm that the truss does work; I didn’t test adjusting the truss beyond what I needed because, frankly, I didn’t want or need to push it.

Since I did not test the truss limits and I don’t feel comfortable doing so since this is not my instrument, I am selling this guitar “as is”; if you intend to use heavier strings and are not comfortable accepting this guitar “as-is” with this description of the truss’ and other aspects of this guitar as I’ve described and shown in the photos, then, kindly, this is not the guitar for you. I’ve taken many pictures to help give you a sense of what this instrument looks like, so please view them all.

The price is firm at $1775 plus actual shipping/insurance costs with the info below through PayPal, and, again, is being sold “As-is”.

Shipping package is total:
19.5lbs (guitar itself is about 5lbs)
from zip code 07071

Shipping estimate I calculated from here in the East Coast to the California, for example, is $115 with both UPS and USPS. I will only ask for the actual shipping costs to your zip code.

The guitar will ship in a non-OEM hard case (shown) with additional foam placed around the instrument (also shown) to help ensure a problem-free shipment. The case will contain the three original Parker adjustment tools, the original TRS cable for running the piezo signal to a separate amp/output, and the original vibrato arm (whammy bar).

If you'd like to buy this, please message me with your PayPal email address and zip code, and I can send you a PayPal invoice that includes the exact shipping costs.

I will indicate "Sold" in the subject of this post when the listing is sold. I am in no urgency to sell, but would prefer not to sell on Reverb if it can be sold directly to someone in our community of Fly fans.

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